Be Everyday Vegan

~Everyday Vegan is an initiative to help spread Veganism across India. And in all honesty, this is the be all and end all of our work. This is the reason that you will find products here which can help in making a transition  when it comes to your daily food needs. Not only that, you will find recipes to most of out products in case you cannot buy them ,right Here. Our motto is to help you be Vegan, stay off preservatives, show some love to what goes into your tummy & then remain Vegan.

Be Everyday Vegan

“May I be Happy
May U be Happy
May all Beings be Happy”
–¬†Nithya Shanti

” What do you do?” is something I hear a lot. So I’ll begin by answering that- I’m an Actor/ Anchor & now a Vegan Friend. I heard about Veganism a few years ago from a friend and found the idea absurd & impossible. In 2014, it was a post by my spiritual friend Nithya Shanti that made me realize how I was contributing in the being a butcher too.

Luckily for me, I’ve been born in a vegetarian family so the giving up was majorly only for dairy. Inspite of knowing about the cruel deeds which take place to provide me the dairy, I’m ashamed to say it was not easy for me to give up. I went back & forth several times. Ice – creams, curd, pastries, chocolates looked like they were calling me out by name. And, by just craving and not giving in to these sinful pleasures I was falling into depression.

All this made me change my approach to becoming a Vegan. I have taken one step at a time here. Giving up on one dairy item each day. Then came a time where I was no longer looking for replacements. I mean, today I am more than happy to have lil creamy- lil sorbety Ice cream instead of the dairy one.

During this process, just when I was coming to terms with giving up on all kinds of dairy products, somehow I started getting intrigued with Baking. Time is kind to me & that led me to experiement with Vegan goodies & most importantly, my friends some Vegans , some Not – yet – Vegans have been kind to taste & give me their feedback time & again. I’m hoping my experience can pitch in do the bit to spread Vegan wings across the country. That is why you will find most recipes of the products we sell at Everyday Vegan.

In conclusion friends, I might be the face you see here but this is a collective effort by a couple of us & I’m looking forward to seeking your help in spreading word about Vegan goodies. Also, a piece of advice if you’ve survived this entire read- Do not unfriend people because they dont want to be Vegan. Your support can make the Not-yet-Vegans- Vegans


– Muskaan

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